Precision Pool Removal
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Serving New Jersey Exclusively
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"We Are Your In-Ground Pool Removal Specialist"

We have been Safely Removing In-Ground Pools for over 22 Years

We remove all types of in-ground and above ground pools including
- Steel reinforced poured concrete pools -
- Vinyl lined steel wall pools -
- Fiberglass pools -
- Vinyl lined wood wall pools -
- Custom boulder & rock pools -

All of our Equipment is Designed for use on Residential Properties

Remove your pool, reduce your property taxes.....Ask us how!

- Fully Insured - Free Consultation & Site Evaluation -   
- All Work Guaranteed -
- Call Toll Free 1-800-261-3990 -
- Serving New Jersey Exclusively -

You may verify our "Excellent Customer Satisfaction Rating" by contacting
The New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs at 1-888-656-6225
Our required New Jersey State Contractors License # is 13VH04347500 Precision Pool Removal a Service of Precision Site Improvements
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